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Sparkle Drive
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Amp Selector
Pedal Switcher
Get the effects you want without trashing your tone! Using the finest gold relays sealed in nitrogen, your tone will stay pure and dynamic no matter what kind, or how many pedals you use. «more»

When used with the Pedal Switcher, Commander allows you to store combinations of pedals and recall them with a single button. With one stomp, you can instantly go from screaming vintage fuzz with flange and echo, to clean straight-to-amp tone without ever missing a note. «more»
Control Switcher
NEW! Control Switcher
Switch channels on multiple amps and easily automate any non-MIDI functions with Control Switcher. Using a Commander or Ground Control Pro, Voodoo Lab’s new Control Switcher gives you instant MIDI programmability for controlling all footswitchable amp functions including channel switching, reverb, boost, EQ, loop and more. «more»
Amp Selector
Amp Selector
The ultimate stand-alone tool for switching your guitar into multiple amplifiers. It lets you use up to four amps simultaneously without added hum or loss of tone. You can switch between or layer amps in any combination with no clicks or pops. «more»
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