GCP, HEX, Mondo, 285 Presets on a Novo 24

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GCP, HEX, Mondo, 285 Presets on a Novo 24

Post by SixIsNine » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:27 pm

I recently completed this PT Novo 24 build thanks in large part to Voodoo Labs gear.

285 presets? Surely you are joking you say! Well, sorta...let me 'splain. In this modern world of MORE! MORE! MORE! NOW! I wanted to provide a good title and "Bigger is better" and all that....

I'm definitely presenting this tongue in cheek because it more worked out that way than me planning it. It is true though that there are 285 presets just on the board, as follows:

128 in the Source Audio Reflex
128 in the Source Audio HUB
12 in the Source Audio KingMaker
6 in the Source Audio Lunar
2 in the Source Audio Stingray
9 in the EHX Stereo Talking Machine

All being powered by the Mondo and working seamlessly with the GCP and HEX. I absolutely LOVE the phantom power of the GCP via the HEX. Great great feature!

The GCP may seem a bit much for such a small board but it's really not. The box in the upper left is a MIDI box that stores presets for the 3 Source Audio pedals. The rig has a Mesa Triple Crown as it's heart which is full MIDI and finally there is a Boss DD500 (with something like a PitchFactor to be added later) in the amp FX loop that is also full MIDI.

The footswitch of the Mesa is around 75% the size of the GCP. When I realized the GCP could replace the foot switch (which would have been a separate piece on the floor anyway if I used an all in one controller on the Novo 24) it made the idea of having 2 pieces out front (pedalboard + GCP) a no brainer.

This setup frees up SO MUCH space on the pedal board it let me use a much smaller board than I originally planned. The modular aspect of having 2 small boards vs. 1 monster board has already paid huge dividends in transport alone.

So, here are the pics.

Looks pretty much like a standard board.

Some of the "Sleeper" components below deck.

The "Master Blaster" complete.

Thanks for your interest and time!

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