Hey John Clark !! How about a global tap temp of sorts ?

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David Hess
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Hey John Clark !! How about a global tap temp of sorts ?

Post by David Hess » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:29 pm

The GCPRO can send much info to 8 of my midi devices simultaneously. I've assigned a switch to act as my tap tempo for one of those devices. However what is stopping you guys from having that one momentary switch send to all of the other devices and their corresponding cc assignments and values for tap tempo ?? Not just one. Seems totally doable from a programming standpoint. I'm having to use midi merging and splitting devices to do this via clock with many pedals and rack boxes. Can you help us ? It would be more or less a global tap tempo in a way right ?? (albeit not all synced to one common source but do we really need that ?? )

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Re: Hey John Clark !! How about a global tap temp of sorts ?

Post by JohnClark » Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:50 am

Currently the Instant Access buttons will send a single Control Change message on a single MIDI channel. A future update could add more complexity, but for now I'll just say that a useful solution is one of many things on a wish list of sorts.

The biggest hurtle is that there really is no standard for controlling tempo via MIDI Control Change that manufacturers adhere to. Aside from differing Control Change numbers and MIDI channels, there is a split between devices requiring Momentary or Latching type action, which all sounds like a user programming nightmare to me.

Personally, I would rather directly control a single device that generates time code and have everything else sync to it... or perhaps someday generate time code from the controller itself :shock:
Syncing is Syncing regardless of programming a single button to send a lot of different data or controlling via a time code method. Also, a rig that is time code capable would likely make a studio engineer happy if you found yourself in the recording room.

I hope that helps!
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