Backing Tracks for Demos

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James Santiago
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Backing Tracks for Demos

Post by James Santiago » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:59 am

Welcome to our new audio and video section. I'm going to start by giving you a chance to re-record our Wahzoo main demo track. If you've got a Wahzoo, show us what you come up with. Or, if you want to demo some of our other effects, we want to hear that too.

I've attached two versions of the Wahzoo cue you can play over. If you're more into video, post a YouTube link back in this forum. If you want to post audio and don't have a way to serve up the track, the best solution for that is It's a free service and you can post high-res audio and just put a link to it in this forum.

Here are some pointers on using the audio tracks:

Bar 1 - Beat 1
What that means is that I've bounced the audio out of Pro Tools at the absolute beginning of the track. Even though this leaves a little dead space at the top of the audio, it will ensure proper time sync once you input the correct tempo.

Tempo Map
If you are going to use a program like Pro Tools, Garage Band, Sonar, Logic, etc... It helps to be able to know the tempo of the track you are playing to. If you look at the names of the files I have, that last number is the tempo. So for instance, the Wahzoo demo is at 100 BPM. Now this is where the "bar 1 - beat 1" method comes in handy. Before you import the Wahzoo track into your software, set the tempo to 100 BPM before you import. After you import, you'll notice that all the audio lines up perfectly to your internal grid/bar lines. By giving you the tempo, and giving you a bounce with the "bar 1 - beat 1" header, you'll be able to cut, copy, and paste around the grid lines of your audio editor. ... hy_100.mp3 ... oG_100.mp3

I will put up more backing tracks as we get going here. If you have recording questions or tips, please post them here in the forum so everyone can read and learn from them.

Happy Tracking!

James Santiago
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Re: Backing Tracks for Demos

Post by Trueman » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:40 pm

Hey James this is a good idea, I have a Wahzoo so I'll try and put something together someday!
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