New Switcher user in need of some help

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New Switcher user in need of some help

Post by JakeAndBake13 » Thu Jan 20, 2022 10:41 pm

Hello. I am pretty new to using effects pedals in general. My setup for previous projects has been fairly simple. Wireless> tuner>noise gate>amp gain channels, with a rare use of a chorus or delay if needed. I recently began a new project and wanted to incorporate more effects into my rig, with the possibility of adding on more later. Like many people that I have seen, I wanted to try and minimize the tap dancing routine that I am currently dealing with, so I recently bought a PX-8 plus to try and eliminate this. I have been messing with the setup a bit, and I feel like I am doing something wrong. I can get a signal through the chain, but when I press the buttons to turn off the loops, the pedals do not disengage. They will turn off if I turn the pedal itself off. Need a bit of help with a setup that will work for my rig.

Current gear:
B-52 LS-100
Boss WL60 Wireless
Boss NS2
Tremolo (adding this in since I got the PX-8)
Walrus Audio Julia 2 Chorus
Boss DD-8 Digital Delay
I use my amp gain channels for my distortion
Also use the reverb from my amp

Current setup

I run this through my amps fx loop. I would still like to use the gain channels and reverb on my amp. To do this, I also purchased a Control Switcher that should be here tomorrow. Looking for a bit of help on the best way to set all of this up. Thanks in advance for any help.

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