My Rig Setup Diagram

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My Rig Setup Diagram

Post by Nova » Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:39 pm

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas to make things easier and work better.


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Re: My Rig Setup Diagram

Post by JohnClark » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:38 pm

I'm not too sure there is an easier or better way to do this... the routing pictured will put the tuner, noise suppressor(?), wah and Phase 90 in front of the amp with the Phase 90 being switchable with GCX Loop 1. The boost, Harmonist, chorus, and delay will be in the amplifier's effects loop. If that is your preferred routing, then you should be ready to plug in some cables and start rockin'. Good Luck!
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Re: My Rig Setup Diagram

Post by nyteowl » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:23 am

Well, being a big fan of keeping the tuner out of the actual signal chain, I'll offer an alternative configuration.

Shift everything over one loop so the signal chain starts with the Phase 90 in Loop 2 and ends with the Delay in Loop 6.

Run your guitar signal out of the wireless unit directly to the Guitar In jack; the Guitar Out jack will still go to the Loop 1 In jack.

Connect your Tuner In to the Send jack of Loop 1, but DO NOT connect the Tuner Out to Loop 1's Return jack.

Connect the Loop 1 Out jack to the Input of the NS (Noise Suppressor?), connect that to the Wah as pictured and connect the Wah Out to the 5150 Input.

In essence, you still have the exact same signal configuration, with the exception of the Tuner being isolated. With Loop 1 deactivated, the Tuner is bypassed entirely, and when you activate Loop 1 your guitar signal goes only to the Tuner. Since no return signal is coming back to your GCX you bypass everything else, so your rig is quiet and you can tune in silence. This also gives you the option of moving to a rack mount Wireless, Tuner, Noise Suppressor, and/or Wah unit, if you ever wanted to do so.
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