I'm stuck at connecting my stereo rig

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I'm stuck at connecting my stereo rig

Post by Aragrim » Sun Mar 20, 2022 5:55 am

Dear forum members,

This is my first post so hi :D
I tried and tried but I can't figure this one out...
I want to use my JMP-1 just in stereo (goes to 1 Marshall stereo 4x12) and the intellifex.
The only problem that I have is, I don't know how to connect the whole rig that I can use the ISP decimator and the Boss DD-3 also in the FX-Loop...

Sorry for my English but I hope you can understand my problem.

I made a schematic but I don't know that this work and I'm scarred to blow everything up haha.
I also have a Soldano SP-77 but I need a second GCX for that because of space issues so I only want to use the stuff in the schematic.

Thanks in advance!


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