Daisy chaining and MIDI mapping 3 pedals with PX-8 Plus

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Daisy chaining and MIDI mapping 3 pedals with PX-8 Plus

Post by zackguitar929 » Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:44 pm


I’ve had the PX-8 Plus for 3 years now and somehow managed to program presets with 2 MIDI enabled pedals (Wampler Terraform and Source Audio EQ2). That has worked incredibly well for the past year.

I added the Wampler Pantheon Deluxe with MIDI as well and I thought that I connected the MIDI cables in the correct order, but can’t get those 3 pedals to communicate with the switcher.

Question 1) Please tell me if I got this signal path correct.

MIDI out of switcher to MIDI In on Terraform >
MIDI Thru on Terraform to MIDI In on EQ2 >
MIDI Thru on EQ2 to MIDI In on Pantheon

Question 2) Can I assign each of those 3 pedals to separate MIDI channels through the switcher or do I need to synchronize the presets I want from all of the MIDI pedals to access through the same PC message as the switcher’s preset that I assign it to?

Question 3) The PX-8’s manual only lists CC messages in groups of 8 starting at 56-63 - what if a pedal I have only allows me to enable it through CC #32?

Thanks in advance!

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