PX-8 Plus programming issues

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PX-8 Plus programming issues

Post by Hessmachine » Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:47 pm

I can’t seem to get the loops programmed to a letter on an assigned bank. I’m new to this loop switching and the instructions are kind of vague. Do the pedals need to be on the whole time or just the ones for saving the presets? Confused.
Can someone break it down for me?

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Re: PX-8 Plus programming issues

Post by JohnClark » Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:55 am

No problem!

When using a switching system, all pedals connected to the loops will be left on at all times. The switcher will either insert the effect into the signal path or remove it completely by activating or bypassing the loops.

Here is how I like to get started programming or editing my presets on a PX-8 Plus:
1. When in Preset Mode (LEDs are Green), recall the preset you want to edit. Use the Bank UP/Down buttons to select the Bank (1-9), then press any Preset Button (A, B, C, or D).
Note: If you press and hold any preset button, the LEDs will change to Red and show the current state of all eight loops for this preset using LEDs 1-8 to represent Loops 1-8 respectively.
2. Press Button 5 to switch to Instant Access Mode (Red LEDs).
3. To enable any pedals in Loops 1-4, use the Bank UP/DOWN buttons to select "L" then set the loops how you want using buttons 1-4.
4. To enable any pedals in Loops 5-8, use the Bank UP/DOWN buttons to select "H" then set the loops how you want using buttons 1-4.
5. Once the loops are set how you would like, press and hold the SAVE Button, then release once the LED turns Green. The Preset Button LEDs will scroll and the Bank Number will flash indicating that the PX-8 is waiting for you to select a Bank and Preset to save to.
6a (Optional). At this point you can choose to change the bank if you wish to save to a different location, otherwise it will save to the Bank you started on in Step 1. Use the Bank UP/DOWN Buttons to change the Bank.
6b. Press the Preset Button you want to save this setup to, Button A, B, C, or D. The selected preset will flash three times to confirm the change.

Let us know if you get stuck!
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