Grp switching midi processors?

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L. Linz$
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Grp switching midi processors?

Post by L. Linz$ » Thu May 30, 2019 4:59 pm

I have my 11 rack programmed with the ground control, but my a1 patch starts @ 01-04 on banks of for does not line up with the a1 on the ground control. Was I suppose to fig out how to line them up like that. Also. Have a gsp1101 processor been trying to program also into the gcp. Im having troubles figuring it out. And how to switch from the 11 r to the gsp on the fly live. Is this all possible. I know for the sound end i need the gcx which i plan to get in the future. Anyone help me out ? :?

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Re: Grp switching midi processors?

Post by JohnClark » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:55 am

The Ground Control Pro Preset Location numbers are simply telling you what Bank and Button you are on... the first character is the Bank and the second character is the Button. You can edit the preset name to include the preset number of the Eleven Rack if you need to have it displayed, but this is typically unnecessary as you can match the preset name itself.

The Ground Control Pro can control up to eight MIDI Devices, as well as up to four GCX units. Controlling your two processors should be no problem. I'm not sure exactly how you want switch between them, but you may be able to do it without a switcher like the GCX.
Will you want strict switching between the Eleven Rack and the GSP1101? For instance, you will always use only one or the other, or will you sometimes do anything that combines them like using Amp sounds from the Eleven Rack with effects from the GSP1101?
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