Analog Chorus!

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Analog Chorus!

Post by homerunjack » Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:50 am

Analog Chrous I luckily was able to obtain an Analog Chorus on! My question is: Any chance of bringing back the chorus? What about a phaser? Thanks

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Re: Analog Chorus!

Post by Voodoo?@YesPlease! » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:57 am

Hi, Im New in this forum, so Glad to do my first post. Firs Im very sorry about my english , this is not my native language. Well I Proudly own 2 of this Analog Chorus, one of the first made and the latest one . Both sounds phenomenal. Both sounds the same IMO. VERY well made. Made to last, made for musicians . I think is a very difficult thing to remake. Various of the original used components are no longer made, I mean, the guys on Voodoo Labs will not start using imitation chinesse components. And certanly they will not mess with that SOUND!!. I use my Voodoo Analog Chorus in the clean chanel of my pedalboard; Boss CS-2, Voodoo A. Chorus, and Dunlop Exhoplex Delay and man, this combination makes my 78 deluxe reverb speaks in other language, the most musical angelical voice. So, the good thing for us is soo many people doesn't understood this gem. So there are enough of those out there with good prices. So buy another!!!...
I will too!!.,
Best Regards!

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