My Rack Project!!

Q & A for building and interfacing your rack gear with Ground Control Pro and GCX-based systems.
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My Rack Project!!

Post by rossd001 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:57 pm

Hi Everyone,

SO I have joined the message board today as I have a GCX and a ground control arriving next week for my Rack Project. I am a little scared to be honest and I hope you guys can put me in the right direction regarding wiring this whole thing up.. I have an idea how I think it should be done however I am nowhere near a professional so I need help... Here is my starting point, my main area of concern is the ISP and the sonic maximiser and how I can get them to work.. HELP?

Guitar IN
Rear Guitar Through = Korg Pitch Black

Loop 1 = ISP Decimator
Loop 2 = BBE Sonic Maximiser
Loop 3 = TC Electrics G Major 2
Loop 4 = Mesa Boogie Tremoverb Amp Channel switching

I want to keep the bottom row of loops free for pedals.. I have as TS mini and a SD1 currently but i want to add more and maybe change them around a bit...

Loop 5 = Ibanez TS1
Loop 6 = BOSS SD1
Loop 7 = Pedal ??
Loop 8 = Pedal ??

Now to make things interesting i have a Tonebone Headbone so from the GCX I am going into that. Then back into the G Major 2 as that is going to control the 2 amps from its external switching.. I have a Marshall TSL60 for Clean and a Mesa Boogie Tremoverb for heavy. The GCX will switch the Tremoverb channels and the Tonebone will switch the amps...

It all then goes into a 2 Notes Torpedo Reload, then a EQ and a gate, then finally into a Focusrite 18i20 that I am getting at Christmas.

Any suggestions, dos, donts would be greatly received...


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