new rig assembly

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new rig assembly

Post by Ranen » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:19 pm

hello im trying to figure out the best way to run a ground controler, Engl e570, and a tc electronic g major together. i want the ground controller to be able to both switch the presets on the engl as well as the g major simultaneously.

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Re: new rig assembly

Post by bettsaj » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:03 am

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Simple set up really, how you set it up is up to you but there are 2 basic ways of doing it. You haven't stated what your knowledge of midi is, so forgive me if i'm teaching you to suck eggs, but I'll start basic.

In series or through the FX loop of the Engl. I'll give you both scenarios. A lot of people like to put FX processors through the loop of the pre-amp as it often is better sounding. Others wire in series...... Personally I wire through the FX loop as that works best with my rig.

In series:

Audio connections - Engl L & R out > G-Major L & R Inputs > G-Major L & R Outputs to stereo power amp
Midi connections - Ground Control pro > G-Major midi In > G-Major midi thru > Engl Midi in

Ensure the midi channels on your ground control pro match the selected channels on the Engl and the G-Major, they should be different for example the G-Major could be set to channel 1 and the Engl to channel 2. I have a similar set up to you, although i have a Triaxis and a G-Force but basically the same. I have my G-Force set to midi channel 1 and the Triaxis on midi channel 2, i have then programmed the same channels into the ground Control naming them G-Force and Triaxis respectively. I have also numbered them on the rack with tape so i know instantly what number each is programmed to.

It also doesn't matter what order you wire the midi on the pre-amp and the processor in, so long as they are connected in order midi in then midi thru > midi in. So you could have Ground Control > G-Major > Engl, or you could have Ground Control > Engle > G-Major..... It doesn't matter as long as you connect them in order for midi.

Once you've wired the midi as above they should talk to each other. You can then select a preset on the ground control and depending on how your ground control is set up will change patches on the G-Major and the Engl simultaneously. You can also set up the ground control to turn effects on the G-Major on and off like a stomp box, that's how I have mine set up. 4 Preset buttons and 8 IA buttons to turn effects and loops on my GCX on and off.

FX Loop:

Audio Connections

G-Major R Output > Engle FX Loop R Return
G-Major L Output > Engle FX Loop L Return
G-Major Mono L Input > Engle FX Loop Send (When using the FX loop you will only get 1 input signal on the G-Major, this is normal. Make sure you have the G-Major set for Analogue in in the I/O menu)

Engl Stereo L & R Output > Power Amp

Midi connections are the same as above

You can phantom power the Ground Control Pro via a GCX, however if you haven't got a GCX you need a patch box that will fit in the back of your rack. You simply velcro the PSU into the rack, and connect it to the patch box. You then connect the midi out of the patch box to the midi in of your first midi device. You can then connect your Ground Control to the patch box with a 5 pin midi cable and it will be powered by the PSU via the patch box..... If you're interested, i have one spare that I used to use before i got my GCX
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