HEX Buffers and Click Stoppers (Do you use or disable?)

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HEX Buffers and Click Stoppers (Do you use or disable?)

Post by imrecs » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:16 am

I have 2 Hex's in my rig and am torn whether or not I want to have the active buffers on, as I notice they definitely are not transparent. At first I felt they made the signal "stronger" and liked them...A/Bing a bunch and I'm not sure anymore. Especially with 2 of them on, it seems like they possibly add some lower mids to the signal and make the signal a bit cloudy. I have some other buffers in the chain that are completely transparent, but the HEX buffers are definitely more noticeable in the way they alter the tone...

Wondering what others think about the buffers and if they feel the click stopper circuit is worth using rather than disabling the buffers?

Are the relays without the click stopper relatively silent? I have some true bypass pedals that pop loudly when I turn them on, and am wondering if the Hex without the click stopper will display this behavior, or will still be more silent than your standard true bypass pedal?

Anything else I can do to reduce clicks without needing these buffers on? Lehle DC Filters to make sure theres no DC offset at some point in the signal chain?

Any advice is appreciated to help make a decision and optimize my rig.

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Re: HEX Buffers and Click Stoppers (Do you use or disable?)

Post by SixIsNine » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:04 am

Right now I have them off. I am in the process of building a new pedal board with a GCP, Hex and Mondo. My old setup was a standard "all pedals in series". I've been playing with tube amps, series wired stompboxes and long cable runs for 30+ years and have grown accustomed to the high end rolloff this setup produces.

The luxury of the new GCP, Hex, Mondo setup with it's lower noise floor and ability to have only the stompbox I need at the time in the loop has the downside of providing a sound that is MUCH brighter than I am used to! It's taking me a while to adjust to the clarity and so (for now at least) I'm rebuilding the rig with a little bit of the old crustiness left in tact because I didn't realize how much it was part of my "tone". Once I get the whole thing assembled (still have some new pedals to buy) and debugged I'll start to play with the click stopper settings.

Does the Hex have a buffer too? I thought that was only the GCX?

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