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Ground Control Pro - button sticking

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:32 am
by Hollowstar_Phil
Hey guys,

After regularly gigging my rig for a few months one thing I've noticed is that a couple of the switches on the GCP are beginning to stick, mainly just the Amp selectors at the bottom - is there a quick and safe way to clean these up? I don't want to be unscrewing things if it's going to cause issues :)

Any advise is appreciated.

Cheers guys,

Re: Ground Control Pro - button sticking

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:00 pm
by JohnClark
Is it that the buttons just feel funny under your foot? If so then it is probably just that the metal actuators are dirty.
If the metal actuators are what is sticking then you may be able to clean them simply using a towel or rag with some simple cleaner to wipe the built up crud on the plunger shaft without having to open anything up.

Or is it that button pushes are not always recognized?
If so, then this would require opening up the Ground Control Pro to clean the switches with an electronics cleaner or to replace them all together.

Feel free to give us a call oe write to if you would rather we take a look at it for you.

I hope that helps!

Re: Ground Control Pro - button sticking

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:01 pm
by Hollowstar_Phil
Hi John,

Thanks for the quick response! 8-)

The buttons still respond each time they're engaged, it's mainly bottom button number 2 that's sticking but it does always engage just makes a louder click sometimes so I'm not sure if dirt or anything has built up in it... I'll give the cleaner a go and let you know how I get on!

Thanks again,

Re: Ground Control Pro - top botton cap come off

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 4:15 am
by Hollowstar_Phil
Hi John,

So the Contact cleaner worked perfectly for the sticky buttons so thank you again for that.

My new problem is that one of the button toppers has come off? - It hasn't effected the switching... I guess my only solution is to superglue it back on?

Many thanks,