Ground Control Pro Compatible Audio Loop Swtichers

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Ground Control Pro Compatible Audio Loop Swtichers

Post by wyominboy » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:55 pm


I just bought a new ground control pro and a gcx audio switcher from voodoo lab! I'm tearing down an enormous pedal train pro board with 10 effects pedals.

So I'm looking at having to give up a pedal or two somewhere to adapt to the gcx(only 8 loops) or I need to expand. Also I don't have room in my current rack to add another gcx, so I'm looking at a smaller alternative(possibly the hex switch) that could fit in the pedal board drawer.

Here is my question:

Will the ground control pro work both with the gcx and the hex switchers together? Also, I don't really need another 6 loops as in the hex. Is there another looper/switcher with say only 2 thru 4 loops that would also work to expand me to 10 thru 12 loops, that may be a little less costly than adding the hex? I also may want to do channel and reverb switching on my fender hot rod deluxe combo amplifier. I'm not sure how many loops it take to do both the channel and reverb switching.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: Ground Control Pro Compatible Audio Loop Swtichers

Post by JohnClark » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:15 pm

Ground Control Pro will certainly work with both GCX and HEX switchers, no problem!

It may be a little late to say, but a pair of HEX switchers would probably work better for you than a GCX and something else. We even have a bracket to mount two HEX switchers into a single rack space. HEX can also sit right on the rack drawer with the pedals it controls.

We do not currently have a smaller loop switcher than HEX.

The amp switching control will likely need a custom cable or a modification to the footswitch. Exactly which model is your amp... I thought the footswitch for this amp had just the two buttons (Channel and Gain/More Gain)
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