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Program Change Number Help

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:16 pm
by billinbrasil
First post, hello to all....

I just purchase an old, used Ground Control (not Pro) and after hooking it up, everything seems to be working. I play bass guitar and wish to use the GC in a simple rig to select presets on two rack mounted multi-effect units.

I´ve connected the GC to the "MIDI In" of the first unit, a Yamaha SPK500D, which then has a "MIDI Thru" jack to the second device, an Art Multiverb.

The Yamaha programs start with 1 and the Art with 0, so I´ve setup the GC accordingly.

In short, when attempting to program presets, the program number selected for one device changes both!! For example, I'm trying to program the Yamaha with program 51 and the Art with 75. If I start with the Yamaha and select 51, it's OK until I input 75 on the Art device. Then for some reason, the Yamaha jumps to 76. If in the other hand, I start with the second device, inputting 75, then go to the first device and type 51, the first device jumps to 50.


Even more curously, when I exit setup and press the preset, the devices display the correct program numbers
(51,75) for a split second and then goes to the incorrect numbers (51,50) or (75,76) depending on the order of programming.

Any ideas??


Re: Program Change Number Help

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:49 pm
by billinbrasil
OK, I solved the problem. I hadn´t programmed the Yamaha to a specific channel, it was responding to signals coming from all channels. Fixed!!