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Help with Lab-Control, Boss ES-8 and Mesa Road King 2

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:18 am
by pdenny
Hi all, I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I got this unit to control my primary channels on the Mesa Road King. I dont need to activate the loops, solo or reverb so I opted for this over the amp Gizmo. I also like that I can put it on top and push buttons manually if I want. This is the newest unit with the red button btw.

So to start I reset the MIDI channel to 5 and also to accept PC and CC messages. I would prefer only PC same as my other pedals but for now trying to accept anything. I setup the patch in my ES-8 to change it to PC\CC (tried several ways) for 81 (ch2) on patch 1 and 83 (ch4). My timeline and H9 change normally but on this one I usually have channel one selected and lit prior to testing and once I engage a patch on my ES-8 it turns off the light but the channel does not change nor do the channel lights on the RK2 light up as they do when I manually select a channel. I know I am doing something dumb here but I cant find a setup video for this to help me out. I did find one with a different pedal that shows it working but they did not cover how they did it so that was no help. I even wrote support a few days ago but got no response and Im frustrated bc RJM answered me instantly and I wonder if I should have spent for that instead. I would like to make this work so hoping someone can help me. Im not particularly MIDI savvy so apologies in advance. Thanks. Peter


Boss ES-8 Controller
Eventide H9 Midi1
Strymon Timeline Midi2
Mesa Road King Midi5
Marshall JVM410H Midi6
Midi-Solutions Quadra Thru

Attempted Configurations:

Patch: Patch Midi 5>CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC83|Ctl1-blank|CC#off|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#off|Val0| -PC is my preferred option as its simpler
Patch: Patch Midi 5>CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC-off|Ctl1-blank|CC#83|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#off|Val0| -Do I need a value?
Patch: Patch Midi 5>CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC-off|Ctl1-blank|CC#83|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#83|Val0|

Re: Help with Lab-Control, Boss ES-8 and Mesa Road King 2

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:08 pm
by pdenny
Hey all just wanted to say I got this working with the help of Ben at Voodoo. Thanks dude!!!!

The short of it is to only use PC and ignore anything with regards to CC. My settings are below given my scenario of simply using Channels 1-4 in order and using PC1-4 to control them for all patches. Hope this helps someone one day. I programmed PC1 to LC Channel 1, Pc2 to Channel 2 etc.

Patch Midi <#> CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC1|Ctl1-blank|CC#off|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#off|Val0|
Patch Midi <#> CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC2|Ctl1-blank|CC#off|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#off|Val0|
Patch Midi <#> CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC3|Ctl1-blank|CC#off|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#off|Val0|
Patch Midi <#> CH5|LSB-off|MSB-off|PC4|Ctl1-blank|CC#off|Val0|Ctl2-blank|CC#off|Val0|