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Control Output level

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:07 am
by pepediez

I have a question about MIDI. I have a GCX and Ground Control Pro, and a delay TC D-Two. I would like to control the output level of the TC D-Two per preset, using the GCX and GCP via MIDI. Maybe using the Expanders of GCP I could send MIDI CC to D-Two? I’m newbie in MIDI connections and terms, I hope someone can help me!!


Re: Control Output level

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:20 am
by bettsaj
Do you want to control the actual output level, or just the effect level?

Re: Control Output level

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:13 am
by pepediez
bettsaj wrote:Do you want to control the actual output level, or just the effect level?
I want to control the output level, because The D-Two is placed at the end of my signal chain, and I would like to use it to control the general volume of the differents patches that I use. So, In order to do that, I need to program different volume levels in GCX / GCP (not using pedal), because the D-Two don’t have this option per preset. Thanks for your time!!

Re: Control Output level

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:28 am
by bettsaj
I'm afraid you can't program volume levels into the Ground Control or the GCX, I believe you can only achieve this by using an expression pedal plugged into either exp 1 or exp 2 on the ground Control. This would then control the global output volume via midi on the D-Two (providing you have the D-Two set up to recognize midi messages from the expression pedal), I quickly glanced through the D-Two manual and it looks like you can control the global volume even if as you say, you can't control the volume per pre-set. The Midi CC channel number for global output level is 18, so you'd need to set the channel number on Exp 1 or 2 (depending on what input you're using) to 18.

I'm not sure however, from looking through the manual whether you can calibrate a expression pedal in the D-Two to use via midi. To use a rocker type expression pedal you need to be able to calibrate the sweep of the pedal in the D-Two and I can't find anywhere in the manual that suggests you can do this, maybe an email to TC can help. You might have to use a standard volume pedal before the delay (so you get trails even when you bring the volume down)

I have a TC G-Force which I have going through the FX loop of my pre-amp, I then control the global volume via the expression pedal plugged into the Ground control, and also pre-set volumes directly on the pre-amp. How have you got your rig wired, and what have you got.... Is it in series, are you using an FX loop? By the sounds of it it appears it's wired in series.......

For digital delays I highly recommend using the FX loop (Although it is a personal choice of what you feel sounds better).

1 question..... Any reason why you particularly chose the D-Two above a TC G-Major or G-Force? I'm only asking as these are dedicated effects processors that feature most of the delays offered by the D-Two, and in the case of the G-Force also has the editability. They also enable you to use an expression pedal, that can calibrate to the rack unit so the sweep is correct. They also give you more effects at your disposal if required, and being made by TC are to the same standard as the D-Two (The G-Major may not be to the same build quality as it's made in the far east where the G-Force and the D-Two are made in Denmark)

Re: Control Output level

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:01 am
by pepediez
Thank you so much for your answer! Now I have the information to search other options. So, my guitar effects are in rack, I have some pedals, mainly overdrives (Boss OD-2 and Pw-2, TS-9, and distorsions (Proco Rat and Big Muff) and compresors (CS-2 and Dynacomp) Eq (dual parametriq eq of TCE) and preamp (Boss FA-1) a chorus (CE-2) and a pedal Korg Sdd 3000; in rack a vox clyde wah, a Pod pro, Korg A3, and the TC D-Two. The signal go in series
The problem is when I use differents effects, the volume change a lot, between the differents presets per song. So, I need to program the general volume per preset with an guitar effect that I use a lot, like the TC D-Two. My signal chain is in series, and I don’t use effect loop because my amp (fendet deluxe reverb reissue) don’t have.

Finally, I choose the D-Two because it have mod delay, and I read good opinions about it in this sense. Also, I prefer a delay and don’t a multieffect, because I already have a Korg A3 and other stompboxes.