Ground Control With Grandmeister

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Re: Ground Control With Grandmeister

Post by blewmeaway » Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:04 pm

Is it actually proprietary though? It would appear as though the rocktron stuff and the behringer fbc1010 had the ability before the Grandmeister and FSM432 even came out.

Not trying to argue, just trying to dig a little deeper :D

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Re: Ground Control With Grandmeister

Post by JohnClark » Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:44 pm

It is certainly a departure from the norm.

Typically, Tap Tempo via MIDI is done with a Control Change message that is toggling between a data value of 0 and 127 where 0 = a tap, then 127 = another tap. The MIDI device reads the interval between the taps and acts upon it appropriately.

Expression control is done with a Control Change message that can send any data Value between 0 thru 127. This is typically used like a virtual knob.

What the Grandmeister head itself appears to have is an Expression control enabled for MIDI. The Tempo is set by dialing to a value of 0-127. To get Tap Tempo, the controller would need to take the tapped time interval between button presses and calculate it to be a value between 0-127, or a virtual knob placement.

It seems to just be the long way around to accomplish what is originating as a button push in the first place. Also it seems very unlikely to land at the correct tempo as tapped when doing this unless there were some way to calibrate it all.

Looking up about the FCB 1010, the most common mention of this feature appears to be when users are replacing the stock firmware with the UNO firmware where one of the changes is that it kills this functionality. I would bet the reason why is because almost nothing else in MIDI works that way ;)

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Re: Ground Control With Grandmeister

Post by Bitmann » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:54 am

Hi, I thought I may ask on this subject

I am using the FSM-32 MKIII , but find it limiting without adding switches, of which you can only add 2.

I would love to be able to advance through all the banks and select presets AND have IA's for boost , mod, rev , volume, etc.

I have a fractal MFC 101, may give that a whirl. Anyone using a ground control or similar ?

Thanks, Jon

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