PX-8 Plus and MIDI output

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PX-8 Plus and MIDI output

Post by conleyv » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:19 am


I have just purchased a px-8 plus for pedals and a control switcher to change amp settings, both of which seem to be working great :)

I would like to control as part of the px-8 plus' 36 presets:

A TC Electronics Flashback X-4, which only has 3 presets that can be recalled via:
Program Change message #001: Recall Preset A
Program Change message #002: Recall Preset B
Program Change message #003: Recall Preset C
on OMNI mode, all channels


A Digitech Whammy 5, which uses PC msgs 1-84 to control presets,
with selectable MIDI Channel or OMNI mode

Is there a compact MIDI unit that can take PC msgs 1-36 and output user definable PC msgs on two separate MIDI outputs?
Is there some way of making this work that I am not getting?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: PX-8 Plus and MIDI output

Post by JohnClark » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:51 am

For the MIDI routing, you should be able to go from the MIDI Out of the Control Switcher to the MIDI In of the X4. Then take the MIDI Thru of the X4 to the MIDI In of the Whammy.

The trouble you will encounter here though is that each of these devices has the MIDI messages hard programmed, meaning there isn't a way to craft exactly which sound you want for any given preset.

PX-8 Plus presets A, B, and C in Bank 0 will recall the three X4 presets. Every preset on the PX-8 Plus will recall something on the Whammy but it will be set sequentially as the first 34 Whammy presets.

This will likely be less than useful :cry:

You can probably gain better control with the addition of a MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus to translate the Program Change sent by the PX-8 Plus to be any other Program Change on any other Channel. However, I don't believe you would have access to all 34 PX-8 Plus presets as the Event Processor has room for 32 settings and you would need to assign two settings per preset... so this would give you a total of 16 presets that would operate your gear independently.

I hope that helps!

EDIT: I forgot the X4 is also hard set to be in Omni Mode... that makes this all not really work anyway. Harrumph. :x I don't see a convenient way to operate both of these devices independently since the Whammy has no MIDI Out, and the X4 is stuck in Omni Mode. This one is a head scratcher! I'm not even sure we could properly control these two devices with our Ground Control Pro without resorting to MIDI Splitters and an Event Processor to filter out messages not intended for the X4.

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Re: PX-8 Plus and MIDI output

Post by conleyv » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:44 pm

Ah man! A bummer for sure, but I'm glad I wasn't just being daft.. Thank you for your input and advice

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