A note of appreciation..

Q & A for building and interfacing your rack gear with Ground Control Pro and GCX-based systems.
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A note of appreciation..

Post by llyons » Wed May 31, 2017 9:26 pm

A few years back, I invested in a dream. To enjoy the time I create and perform, by using tools that play a significant role in reducing the time I spend thinking about those things of less importance. Of import - time performing, time inventing, time in that magical, musical moment alone, or with others.

There were many components that went into that ideal if you will. The two that top the list are my GCP and GCX. These two units extend what I write, into what I perform. What might that mean?

I have a few trusted amps. As I record, I write their setup in a log, that becomes the setup on the GCP - an old fender evil twin and a Marshall JVM 410 . The GCP takes that log and translates that sound, into every performance.

I am a creature of habit, my dirt and comp pedals simple are simply, set and forget. Either on or off, and an extension to the amps already inherent capabilities. The GCX handles those well.

The major game changers are the front end special effects and amp insert special effects. I write these effects parameters into the units ( I use 3 eventide H9s for this ) and then set those parameters into the GCP.

The ultimate time saver is the song control I set the GCP to handle. The show has a flow, Each song has a flow. Voodoo labs. I invested in you and your tools to handle this flow without thinking about it. . That investment met the goal, and i continue to trust in it, even today.

Thank you,

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