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Pedal inputs to turn on/off GCX loops?
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Author:  effitall [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Pedal inputs to turn on/off GCX loops?

I know I can setup any of the instant access buttons to turn on/off GCX loops, but can it be done via an expression pedal input?

My logic is this...If I had a wah in loop 1 (like the Crybaby rack wah), and a controller on the floor next to my GCP, it would be nice to click a toe button on the controller pedal for activating the wah loop on the GCX, wah all I want, and when done, tap the toe switch again and turn the wah off. It eliminates a bit of tap-dancing.

Alternatively, I see I can send MIDI control to the GCX (page 14 of the GCX manual). One bit of clarification though, the manual states that the GCX listens on MIDI channel 16. But uh....What if there is more than one GCX? How can I send a control change to say loop 1 of GCX 2?


Author:  JohnClark [ Wed May 31, 2017 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pedal inputs to turn on/off GCX loops?

Unfortunately for this idea, the Ground Control Pro will not let you use an Expression pedal port to control a GCX Loop. Also, how would you control the treadle on a wah that was not out on the floor anyway?

In a rig with multiple GCXs, the Ground Control pro will send a SysEx message that will assign each GCX unique set of Control Change messages.
GCX #1 responds to Control Changes 80 - 87
GCX #2 responds to Control Changes 88 - 95
GCX #3 responds to Control Changes 64 - 71
GCX #4 responds to Control Changes 56 - 63

I hope that helps!

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