Ground Control Pro to TC G-Major

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Ground Control Pro to TC G-Major

Post by fenderman1 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:07 pm

Sorry for the trouble, but I can't figure it out. I have the GCP in the 4 preset/bank and I have it recognizing and changing my user presets. Example: The bottom left GCP button (1) is set to my G Maj user preset (1), GCP (2) - G Maj (2) etc. which is what I want. Now I'm trying to get the GCP to recognize each of the G-Majors effects blocks and I want the GCP upper buttons, 1-8, to control the blocks. I have the GCP at (1. Ch01 CTL001) but here is where I'm having problems!! I got the tap button and the, all mute, button to work, but can't get the rest. Can you help me work through this. I've read some of the post, but I'm apparently not doing something right. It also does'nt help when your working with a complete "novice", okay I know, a complete "idiot", so please be kind. I need someone to show me ,by example please, on how to make the GCP control the following:

(1) I want the GCP Bank 1 to call up the G Major user preset 1, which I currently can.
(2)I want the GCP 1 button to control the G Major Delay Block.
(3)I want the GCP 2 button to control the G Major Reverb Block and so on and so on.

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Re: Ground Control Pro to TC G-Major

Post by JohnClark » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:26 am

If you have programmed the Ground Control Pro Instant Access buttons to be the CC# of your choice then all that is left is to program the G-Major. Programming which CC#s the effects blocks respond to can be done using the learn function or by manually entering the same CC# you assigned within the Ground Control Pro Instant Access button to the G-Major. This is shown in the Controlling the G-Major section of the G-Major manual.

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