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Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:39 am
by glebreck
So i have my GCX set to instant access. Basically the 4 bottom buttons change the midi program on my G major 2 and turn specific loops on and off for the pedals. Nice because now the eight upper i can turn the loops on and off while in a patch.

Question is...what if i dont want one of the eight buttons to switch a loop? I want it to instead send a change to the program to the gmajor 2. like the main button calls up the patch but within the patch in the gmajor 2 it is possible to turn an effect on and off.

access button 1 switches head to crunch, turns on the loop for the ISP pedal, and calls up program 1 on the Gmajor1.
Program one contains chorus and delay.
Is it possible to use one of the 8 loop buttons to turn the delay off?

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:56 pm
by glebreck
ok so i think i figured out how to do this. It is in set up mode. you can specify if the instant access button should control a loop or sen a cc message.

This seems like an over all function change. Meaning if I say instant access button always sends a midi cc message, then it will never turn the loop on or off. Meaning when I set my patch I have no way to turn the loop on and off.

What am i missing here.

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:23 pm
by JohnClark
There are eight Instant Access buttons. You choose the eight things you want to have immediate, on the fly, access to. If you re-program an Instant Access button to do something other than switch a GCX loop you do not give up that GCX loop completely... its state is still programmable within the Ground Control Pro presets.

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:23 pm
by glebreck
John I think thats what I trying to figure out.

If I go into setup and tell switch 8 to send cc100, and then choose my preset, go into edit mode and step on eight, then when i select preset 1, switch 8 will send cc100. How do say I also want loop eight on as well as send cc100.

Also please assume that all eight loops have something in them and that in preset 1 i don't need to ability to turn loop eight on and off, but instead want it to be on and use switch 8 for the cc. Is this possible per preset?

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:00 pm
by JohnClark
I am surprised that you have not created a single Ground Control Pro preset yet. If you like this setup now, you are about to completely fall in love...

To edit a Ground Control Pro preset:
1. Call up the Ground control Pro preset you wish to edit.
2. Press-and-hold the Edit button. (Release the Edit button once the screen changes.)
The Bank Down button steps through the preset options.
3. Enter the patch number you want any MIDI devices that are named to go to for this particular preset.
4. Press the Bank Down button multiple times until the screen reads GCX-1.
5. At this screen buttons 1-8 control loops 1-8 on GCX #1. Press the numbered button corresponding to any of loops that should be active for this preset.
6. Press the Edit button to exit the Edit Mode, then press the Yes button to save the preset.
7. Enjoy!

Detailed information about creating Ground Control Pro presets can be found in the Edit Preset section of the Ground Control Pro manual.

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:57 am
by glebreck
Sorry it has been so long since I got back to this. Work is never ending for me.

I understand how to make my presets and have made a few. The issue I am not understand is....

Say I have a pedal in loop eight. In preset one one I use that pedal, so the button for loop eight is needed.

But in preset 2 I do not use the pedal in loop 8. But I would like to use the button for loop 8 to send a cc message instead of turning the loop on and off. Is this possible?

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:52 am
by JohnClark
Yes, this is not only possible, it is what I have been saying all along. Follow the steps to set Instant Access button #8 to send the Control Change number of your choice. Regardless of what preset you are on, this button will now send the Control Change message you have assigned. Once you go into Edit to program your preset, you will see the screen read "GCX-1"... at this screen buttons 1-8 are no longer your customized Instant access buttons but they are in fact GCX loop buttons. If you follow the steps in the earlier posts you will see that it does exactly what you want it to do. The status of GCX loop 8 is programmed with the preset in the Edit mode, once you are out of Edit mode and in "performance mode" buttons 1-8 are again your customized Instant Access buttons. Try it out... press some buttons... you will see.

Re: Instant access and G Major 2?

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:44 pm
by glebreck
John I think I finally get what you are saying. I am a little slow sometimes.

Let me see if i have this right.
If i go in setup and change my access button to send cc messages, and then go into edit a preset i can then set the state of the loops. But when I am actually playing and out of edit mode...stepping on the button will not change the state of the loop but instead will just send the cc message.

If this is right I think i have it now and will give it a try tonight.