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How to connect everything?

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:34 pm
by glebreck
Alright so everything shows up on friday. After months of saving I finally bought my GCX and ground control pro.
What I need now is a how to ...
I have :
Peavey Head Triple XL...Already have the custom cable made per another post. It will take 2 plugs for switching what I need for the amp.

One effects one connection

GMajor 2(control with midi)....1 connection

Line 6 M13 effects unit (control with midi)...1 connection

I guess I need some help on what to plug where and mostly for the Ground Control Pro. I want to be able to stop a button have everything change to what I program it for (including midi) but at the same time would like to be able turn off individual effects that are in the chosen in the patch. Not just turn off the GMajor2 but actualy just send it a midi command while everything else stays the same. From what I understand that is possible.

Would anyone be kind enough to help me figure this out?


Re: How to connect everything?

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:10 am
by glebreck
I have attached an image showing how I think it should be hooked up. Have a look and let me know.

Also from all the reading in the manuals I have done, I should be able to set the ground control to be instant acess so for example cliking button 1 turns on a preset of loop 1 on, loop 3 on, channel switches the amp. Then the upper button can be programed to either turn oops on and off or send midi commands. Is this correct?