New GCP Firmware?

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New GCP Firmware?

Post by Moff40 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:57 am

Are we going to see new firmware for the Ground Control Pro? Someone should be able to answer this once and for all. And if it's coming soon, what's included?

I don't mean to sound like a ****, but I have to tell it like it is. The GCP is a good controller, but lacks some functionality, and with the offerings from competitors that are out there, Voodoo really needs to "up" its game a bit. It's not ideal, but I can do almost everything I need to do with a lowly FCB1010, albeit with 3rd party firmware (UnO), and the FCB1010 can send 2 CCs per IA. Surely a controller costing more than twice as much should be able to do that and more, no???

I'd love to be able to update\upgrade my GCP, but if I can't an update from Voodoo soon, Fractal Audio will be getting my money...

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Re: New GCP Firmware?

Post by domct203 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:48 am

If you are not happy with the GCP maybe you should sell it and move on. My first MIDI controller was a Behringer FCB1010 with UNO, and while it did a few functions that the GCP will not, it was impossible to change/edit a patch without a PC editor. The GCP is amazingly simple to setup & edit, and Voodoo Lab's support is outstanding.

However, one feature I miss was the ability to send a CC message toggle with a second press of the active preset button. That feature would be a big plus to the GCP, when in 4 preset mode it gives you 1 more IA button per preset.

Not to sound like an a**, but maybe you should have researched your purchase better before buying the GCP.

The Fractal Audio MIDI controller looks like a nice unit, but at $800 I would pass IMO.

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Re: New GCP Firmware?

Post by Moff40 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:13 pm

Dom, you're not being an a$$. My choice of words may have been a bit harsh.

I did a fair bit of research before buying the GCP, and yes, I overlooked a couple of details. But there had also been rumours of a V2.0 firmware for some time, that I had hoped would be forthcoming and address some of the deficiencies I'd overlooked.

I agree the GCP is far easier to program than the FCB, from the front panel, but with an editor, the FCB wins, since there is none for the GCP. I'm definitely not a Behringer fan; I only used the FCB as a point of reference to show that with 3rd-party firmware, it is capable of doing more than the GCP, at 1/2 the price.

Like I said, I'd love to keep the GCP - it fits my board perfectly, and has its benefits. But I need more from my controller. Perhaps selling it and moving on is the best solution. I know the FCB1010 is a "budget" device, and I wouldn't want to take one on a serious tour, but it's strangely more suited to doing what I need, at least temporarily.

The Fractal Audio MFC-101 is pricey, but it's a steal compared to the Liquid Foot Pro, Bradshaw RS-10, or even the Rocktron All Access...

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Re: New GCP Firmware?

Post by arouet » Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:20 am

I think that John Clark should put a definitive word about the GCP V2 upgrade, too many of us are waiting the new firmware release.

I am one of those, I like the GCP and I would instantaneously buy the new version eprom.

Besides, I don't understand why Voodoo Lab is waiting so much, I believe that a new firmware would give a push ahead to their sales.

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Re: New GCP Firmware?

Post by kenora » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:12 pm

I have a copy of the gcx software on my pc. If you want it shoot me an email.

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