wEIRD GCP problems

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wEIRD GCP problems

Post by Fumbles » Fri Feb 18, 2022 6:20 pm

Hi all.

So I'm running my GCP into an Eleven Rack and have it set that the bottom 1-4 switches call up different amp patches and the 1-8 instant access buttons are to turn on and off the individual effects.

Problem #1
On one patch (#4switch) I cannot get rid if the LED being on for instant access button #3 which is where I put the delay. No matter what I try it's always on...yet the delay is not on. I'll turn it off and save the setting with it off. As soon as I change patches and then go back to that #4 patch....the red LED is on again. And......I have to turn it off and then turn it back on to get the delay to come on. Only that patch.

Problem #2
Similarly except kinda in patch #2 is for a lead tone and I want the distortion pedal set to on. So I'll turn it on and save the patch with it on. However when I call up that patch.....the distortion 'pedal' is not on and neither is the LED.....I have to manually turn on the distortion which is on my #1 Instant access button. Yet....I have the EQ 'pedal' set to on when I call up the patch and it works just fine. Same with another patch I have the delay set to come on with the patch and it works fine.

Lastly (for now) sometimes when I pack everything up for a gig or rehearsal.....when I hook everything back up.......the Eleven is not seeing the GCP or vice versa. I'll connect the MIDI cable correctly but stepping on the 1-4 patch buttons does not have any effect on the 11R. I have never figured out what gets it back but it is usually after unplugging the MIDI cable at both ends and also unplugging power from the GCP and/or turning off and on the 11R. At some point it just starts working. I have the GCP and the 11R marked with a label maker as to MIDI OUT on the GCP and MIDI IN on the 11R so it's easy to see on a dimly lit stage I'm definitely not plugging the cable in wrongly.

Any thoughts? What process have I missed?

I have not named the amp patches in the GCP to match the 11R
Bank-wise I'm only currently using 4 patches and they come up on the GCP as 01, 02, 03 and 04 and the display always shows INIT after those numbers.


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