Px-8 Plus and Multiple Midi Pedals

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Px-8 Plus and Multiple Midi Pedals

Post by cck801 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:23 pm

I'm sure this is a rookie question, but I'm new at Midi. If I want to be able to have three pedals with midi functions be able to change presets at the same time, do I need a midi controller (e.g., DMC-3XL Gen3) or will the Px-8 Plus do that? To illustrate, I have Eventide Timefactor, Eventide Modfactor, and Boss RV-500. Let's say I want my clean sound to have a little room verb, some slapback delay, and some trem for preset 1, but then want preset 2 to change to hall verb, different delay, and some phaseshifting (so all three midi pedals would change settings when I switch to preset 2). Can I do that with just the Px-8 plus, or do I need a controller? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Px-8 Plus and Multiple Midi Pedals

Post by JohnClark » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:59 am

The PX-8 Plus will send a single MIDI Program Change message on MIDI Channel 1 with each PX-8 Plus preset. You would edit your MIDI devices to make the sound you want them to make whenever this message is received.

For instance, in Bank 1, Preset 1 will send Program Change 01, and Preset 2 will send Program Change 02. You would edit each MIDI pedal so you get the Room Reverb, Slapback, and Trem you like whenever they see Program Change 01.
For Preset 2 you would edit each MIDI pedal so you get the Hall Reverb, Delay, and Phaseshift you want whenever the pedals see Program Change 02.
This sort of MIDI Programming is usually referred to as MIDI Mapping.

Your MIDI Connections would be as follows:
1. MIDI Out of PX-8 Plus to MIDI In on "MIDI Pedal 1".
2. MIDI Thru on "MIDI Pedal 1" to MIDI In on "MIDI Pedal 2".
3. MIDI Thru on "MIDI Pedal 2" to MIDI In on "MIDI Pedal 3".
It doesn't actually matter what order these pedals are in for the MIDI Chain so you can wire them in whatever order is the most convenient. The Eventide pedals have a setting in the MIDI Menu to set the MIDI Out jack to act as a MIDI Thru. The Boss pedal looks like it might always act as a "Thru" but you would have to check in the menu that messages are set to use the MIDI Out Jack rather than the USB jack.

I hope that helps!
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