Ground control pro and PX-8 plus

Q & A for building and interfacing your rack gear with Ground Control Pro and GCX-based systems.
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Ground control pro and PX-8 plus

Post by 63fender » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:40 pm

I want to move my rig to a rack mounted setup but, have some questions.

I think the GCP and PX8 are the best 2 pieces to combine for a flexible rig for myself. I'm all about fail safes and I think that would give me an instant fall back plan if the GCP were to give out mid show (not saying it would but, people spill beer on my board all the time) I could just pull my board out of the rack and use the PX8 to run my pedals.

So, heres my rig.
Shure GLXD wireless/tuner, Xotic SP, EP boost, wah, Dr Z Z-drive, empress tremolo 2, boomerang e-155 (chorus and delay unit)(stereo out of that) amp 1 is usually a Dr Z Maz 38. Amp 2 is often a Carmen Ghia but, changes a lot.

So, the tremolo 2 and the E-155 both have midi inputs and outputs. The E-155 has 12 banks. Each bank has one chorus preset and one delay preset.
The trem 2 has 8 presets.

Is there a way I can set the rig up (atleast when I'm using the GCP) to midi switch the trem and E-155 AND still have enough contolability to run the rest of my rig?

Also, is this over kill? Would i be better off with just going with the PX8 or the GCP and GCX?

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Re: Ground control pro and PX-8 plus

Post by JohnClark » Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:58 pm

PX-8 Plus does make for a very friendly pedalboard, and being able to remotely control it via MIDI for those times when you just don't want the whole board in front of you is certainly a help when you need it. But I don't think the Ground Control Pro necessarily adds any MIDI capabilities that you wouldn't otherwise have in this setup.

The PX-8 Plus itself does send a Program Change with each preset. These can be used to recall the Preset locations on your Empress Tremolo 2, but I didn't think the E-155 had any MIDI capabilities... It does have a pair of 5 Pin DIN jacks, but these are for linking to other Boomerang products and are not for direct MIDI Control.

Unless there was going to be more MIDI gear added later, I'd probably just go with the PX-8 Plus for this setup and maybe you can throw a clear sheet of plastic over the whole board and tape the edges of the plastic to the floor for gigs that you think might get particularly wet.

I hope that helps!
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