Too much static and volume from distortion pedals

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Too much static and volume from distortion pedals

Post by ForestGnome » Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:40 pm

Hiya! Just got my power strip drilled to my pedalboard. Experimenting with pedal order now.

On my pedalboard I have in this order:

Korg chromatic tuner
Crybaby Wah
ElectroHarmonix Soul Food
Big Muff distortion
MXR 78 distortion
Xotic EP Booster
Dan Electro Echo pedal

I have heard conflicting things about how to order a pedal board and am experimenting. I used to have the booster after the tuner and the Wah last. Whenever I turn on the Big Muff or the MXR I get WAY too much static and the volume goes up x3. It's a pain because whenever I want some distortion for a part of a song I have to adjust the volume drastically.

Any suggestions as to where I can put them in the chain or what might lessen all the static?


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Re: Too much static and volume from distortion pedals

Post by JohnClark » Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:59 am

I would first test out the offending pedals alone... guitar straight to the pedal, pedal straight to the amp... to identify if there is a problem with the pedal itself.

This should at lest allow you to get a good volume setting on the pedal so it doesn't have such a huge level boost when activated.

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