Will this work? (4x4 content)

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Will this work? (4x4 content)

Post by gomeztool » Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:09 am

Here are my effects

X2 Wireless
EHX Nano Bass Big Muff (9VDC)
Markbass Super Synth (12VDC)
Sansamp BDDI (9VDC)
Morley Mini Wah Volume (9VDC)

I had them all working with an ISO 5 with the wah and Muff daisy chained but I was getting some irregular response from the synth and the POG so I think I need to step it up to a more capable unit.

It is my understanding that with a 4X4, I can power the POG from two high current 9V ports with a cable that connects the ports in series to get 18V and the Markbass from two 12V ports with another cable that connects the ports in parallel to get 800ma. Is this correct? Which cables do I need to buy?

Also, will a 4X4 fit under a Pedaltrain PT Jr? (the old one)


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Re: Will this work? (4x4 content)

Post by JohnClark » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:22 pm

A 4x4 with a couple of our Adapter cables should do it!
The 18V POG will need a Voltage Doubler Adapter or 2.5mm Voltage Doubling Cable.
The MarkBass Super Synth will need a Current Doubler Adapter (the one with the Green end).

The rest of the pedals can each be powered from any remaining 9V output.

I hope that helps!

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