Pedal Power 2-- Will my set up work ?

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Pedal Power 2-- Will my set up work ?

Post by Regularjoe3566 » Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:30 am

Ok Guys, I have done some homework into all the current draw of all my effects. This is a revision of my first post. Here is what I am planning to

power via my PP2 +. I looked up all the pedal/s power consumption and then compared it to the max output setting at the end of the manual. I

think i'm good but I'm just not sure about the Whammy Dt. For ports 5 and 6 the PP2 + manual says max 200mA. So I really don't think that

work.....Any Ideas Mods! Or anybody have the Whammy DT and power it from the PP2 +? I saw one thread on here, but it doesn't really clarify if

It is OK or not? Please help! :)

Port 1. MXR EVH Phaser (8.2 mA) + Boss CE-5 (18 mA) via splitter cable

port 2. Dunlop Jimi JH-1 (10 mA) + Korg Pitch Black (35 mA) via splitter cable

port 3. MXR Fullbore (18 mA ) + Boss NS-2 (20 mA) via splitter cable

port 4. Tc electronic Hall of Fame (100 mA)

port 5. Boss DD-7 (100 mA)

Port 6. Digitech Whammy DT (288 mA)

Port 7 + 8. MXR 10 band eq 18v via doubler cable.

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Re: Pedal Power 2-- Will my set up work ?

Post by JohnClark » Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:56 am

The Whammy DT will likely need a Current Doubler Adapter connected to both outputs 5 and 6 with the DIP switches set to Normal to remain reliably powered.

For the other pedals, you can split the outputs as you have suggested as long as you mind the Maximum current rating for the output used. Beyond that it is still possible for the pedals to not "play nice" together so some experimenting might be necessary.

The DD-7 actually draws just under 60mA, and the NS-2 has a power output jack you can use so perhaps with some swapping around you can get all this powered up. Otherwise I'd suggest adding a second power supply like an ISO-5, or trading up to a Mondo, to cover more ground here and still keep as many pedals as possible completely isolated.

I hope that helps!

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