Powering my pedalboards

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Powering my pedalboards

Post by federicolabbiento » Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:22 am

Hello everyone,
can someone help me figuring out how to power my pedalborars?
I have bought some Output Splitter Adapter - Ground Lifted and I have several 2.1mm Right Angle Barrel Cable
I've tried to power my small board but didn't work. I hope someone can help me with the connections for powering my pedals. I really just need to know if I can use my output splitter cable to power all my pedals (if so, how should I connect each one of my pedals) or if I need to buy other pedal power.

A small one is made with: (Powered with voodoo power lab digital)

1 - EX HOG 2 9.6 V 200mA
2 - Ibanez Ts 9 9V 7mA
3 - Boss eq ge-7 9V 7mA
4 - TC electronic nova delay 9V 300 mA
5 - EX Holy grail max 9V 80mA
6 - Boss RC20 9V 120mA
7 - Fishman Aura spectrum D.I. 9V 25 mA

The other one is made with: (voodoo lab power 2 plus)

1 - TC electronic Polytune 9V 100 mA
2 - Cry Baby Wha Wha 9V 20 mA
3 - Boss octaver OC3 9V 50mA
4 - BB preamp 9V 15 mA
5 - Ibanez Ts 808 couldn't figured it out how many mA needs
6 - Fulltone fatboost 9 o 18V 5 mA
7 - Corona Chorus 9V 100mA
8 - TC electronic Nova delay 9V 300 mA
9 - Electro Harmonix Cathedral 9.6V 200mA
10 -Crocodile one tail loop 9V 350/450mA

Thanks for the help,

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Re: Powering my pedalboards

Post by JohnClark » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:03 pm

On the Small Board with the Pedal Power Digital, I suppose you will just have to check that the combined current draw of any two pedals you are connecting with the Output Splitter does not exceed the 400mA rating on the output jack you are using.

The other board has more high current pedals than available high current outputs... perhaps a Pedal Power 4x4 would be a better fit... or a Pedal Power Mondo that would allow everything to remain completely isolated.

I hope that helps!

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