Pedal board power help

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Pedal board power help

Post by Onfireee » Thu May 12, 2016 10:33 am

Hey everyone!

I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to understanding power supplies. I have a few guitar pedals that I've been acquiring, and I'll likely turn them into a board. My question is, which one model would power these pedals on a board all together:

POG2: 180 mA at 9VDC (center negative). AC adapter.
Wampler, Dual Fusion: 9VDC (center negative). Pedal draws 17mA.
Strymon, Blue Sky: 9VDC (center negative) at a minimum of 250mA.
Strymon, El Capistan: 9VDC (center negative) at a minimum of 250mA.
Tomkat, Violet Muffer: 9VDC (center negative)

I only asked specifically, because it feels like all these options I've been looking at have different voltages and milliamps in one pedal, and I just don't really understand it. The POG2 specifically too, because I thought I read that it takes AC power, but it says 9VDC like the rest. Any recommended reading or videos for further understanding it would help also. Thanks in advance peeps!

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Re: Pedal board power help

Post by JohnClark » Thu May 12, 2016 10:58 am

A Pedal Power 4x4 would power these pedals and have a few outputs left over for any future additions.

The POG2 (which is certainly a DC pedal ;) ), Blue Sky, and El Capistan can each be powered from the 9V 400mA outputs.
The Dual Fusion and Violet Muffer can each be powered from any of the 9V outputs.

It's no video, but I hope that helps!

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