Pedal Switcher : Fx Loop and Direct Input

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Pedal Switcher : Fx Loop and Direct Input

Post by hernest41 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:51 pm

Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum and you might already answer my question in the past, but I cannot find it anywhere.

I want to purchase the voodoo lab Pedal Switcher for my pedalbord. I need to use some overdrive and also some modulation like chorus delay etc... for my live show. I read the manual and I cannot find a way to connect my modulation in the fx loop of my amp. Basically I want to know if I can connect all my pedals with the pedal switsher in the four internal loop and at the same time connect my modulation and my overdrive in the fx loop and the input of the amp.

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Re: Pedal Switcher : Fx Loop and Direct Input

Post by nyteowl » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:07 am

The Pedal Switcher allows one to run four pedals in series, five if you use an insert cable with the TRS Insert jack located between Loops 3 and 4. Because the pedals are in series, you cannot use a Pedal Switcher's loops to run some of your pedals in front of your amp and the rest in your amp's FX Loop

You didn't mention what particular pedals you are using, but the general rule of thumb is to run overdrive, distortion, and fuzz-type pedals in front of one's amp and modulation pedals such as chorus, flanger, phaser, and delay in an amp's FX Loop. While that logic is sound, it is just a guideline because everyone's ears are different and they will run their pedals in whatever order and/or location they believe sounds best to them.
I am not affiliated with Voodoo Lab in any way, but enjoy sharing what little MIDI and signal routing knowledge I have. If you find my assistance helpful, please pay it forward.

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