MIDI Audio switcher

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MIDI Audio switcher

Post by carloszeke » Wed May 08, 2013 8:52 am

I am new to this forum and I haven't read very many entries. Please direct me to any useful information.
I am a Rock guitar player using 2 stereo effects processors simultaneously (Fractal Axe FX2 & Roland VG-99 via an FC-300 midi foot controller). These play into 4 separate cabinets spanning from far right to far left of stage. The resulting combination of tones between the two is wonderful, however, I need midi control over how the processors outputs are distributed to (2) stereo CROWN XLS2500 amplifiers. I have found that the arrangement of stereo outputs, with respect to their position on stage, makes a big difference. HERE IS THE PLAN; The arrangement would be "patch specific". A programmable unit would receive the same midi program change messages (PC) as the effect processors and sets up a predetermined arrangement assigned to that patch number. A separate midi pedal would be used (during rehearsals) to initially program it. Examples could be; 1 FXP wide, other FXP narrow, L&R respected.>> 1 FXP with L&R on the right, other FXP L&R on the left. >>1 FXP Left- both cab's, Right-both cab"s, other FXP muted. Get the idea?? the combinations are MANY!
The main idea is that the Guitar player doesn't bother with the switching because it is automatic (preprogrammed) and follows what patch is selected.
I welcome any ideas/information you have. I considered using products from HIGHLY LIQUID http://store.highlyliquid.com/products/midi-cpu
I prefer to buy a ready made rack mounted unit.
On a post to follow, I will include a block diagram to better explain the current rig.

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Re: MIDI Audio switcher

Post by nyteowl » Mon May 13, 2013 6:39 am

Welcome to the board!!

I believe you've posted this thread in the wrong forum and it should be over in the
Racks, Switching Systems and MIDI forum, where you'd get a lot more visibility. Be that as it may...

If my understanding is correct, you want to insert some sort of MIDI switching device between your processors and your power amps that would allow you to redirect any combination of the left and right outputs of the Axe FX II and/or the left and right outputs of the VG-99 to any one or combination of the left and right Inputs of the first Crown power amp and/or the second Crown power amp. Given that, you would be dealing with 24 possible signal sources and routing them into 24 possible cabinet configurations, and there isn't a Voodoo Lab product that will let you do that. On the other hand...

There may well be others, but the only "over the counter" switching system I can think right now that would let you accomplish your goal would be one of the SoundSculpture Switchblade series units. These units will take your four different source signals (Axe FX II L&R outs and VG-99 L&R outs), and using an internal true matrix switching network, let you configure Switchblade presets that will, according to their web site, "... connect any input to any output simultaneously with other inputs and outputs." For your situation, I think either a Switchblade GL or an 8B controlled by a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro would be an optimal solution unless you are controlling your Axe FX II with a Fractal Audio MFC-101, in which case you wouldn't need the GCPro.
I am not affiliated with Voodoo Lab in any way, but enjoy sharing what little MIDI and signal routing knowledge I have. If you find my assistance helpful, please pay it forward.

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