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Can't read your switch boxes on stage?

Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 4:53 pm
by HotDan!
I don't know anyone who can. All you've got, industry wide, is indicator lights. Considering that, on stage, you're usually backlit and staring into several banks of spots, you can't even see your shoes much less your board. You can memorize them but if you've got a lot of effects pedals, well...good luck. Taking a page from the auto stereo guys, what could work is some snap in side lit (with LED or neon bulbs) frosted Lucite label panels that are reverse engraved from the back and maybe filled with something to make the lettering more legible and marked with comp, delay, reverb and so on which would glow, take the place of the indicator lights and make identification much easier. No one that I am aware of is using this technology and I, for one, would welcome something similar. Maybe Voodoo Lab could be the first?