Add power strip to Dingus board/ X4 setup?

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Add power strip to Dingus board/ X4 setup?

Post by yebdox » Fri Nov 12, 2021 10:14 am

Newbie to this place.

Finally beginning to rebuild my pedalboard on my new medium Dingbat with X4 power supply. (from a larger, old Pedal Pad setup.) I'm a bit surprised that there doesn't seem to be a convenient way to extend power for a power strip to drive wall wart pedals/processors, etc, as the extension power jack is mounted facing rear, external to the board.

The only thing I can think to do to keep wiring tidy is to find a small power strip with a 90º plug, run it outside the board to the outward facing receptacle, then back underneath, mounting the power strip with Dual lock, and then plugging in power supplies underneath. Would be awkward and frustrating to just run a wall wart to the external receptacle on the outside of the X4 - certainly not stage proof.

I'm using all of the 9 volt outlets on the X4, still need power for a new HX Stomp and possibly some Strymon gear later on (would switch out the HX at that point.) For as nice a piece of gear as this is, with the routability of cabling underneath, etc, I would have thought that an inward facing power receptacle would have come to mind in the design process. I'm going to add the Dingus accessory to be able to control instrument cabling, though it looks like I will actually need 2 of those, if I want stereo output from the end of the chain.... again, trying to be as custom and tidy as possible.

Any ideas or pics of how someone accomplished something similar? Thanks.

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