New set up for analog pedals and PC-8 Plus

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New set up for analog pedals and PC-8 Plus

Post by MD_Ryan » Sat Aug 14, 2021 10:56 am

Just got the new PX-8 plus and psyched to get my pedalboard setup!! Could use some tips to optimize.

Current setup (without PX-8 switcher):
Into front of my Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 - Wireless line 6 Relay > Morley volume/wah combo > polytune3 > mesa amp channel switcher > Mesa Flux Drive > Fender Pugilist Distortion
Into effects loop - Strymon timeline. Also just got Julia chorus/vibrato and was thinking about running it through effects loop as well (could run through front of amp if better).

Planning to run PX-8 with preset method.:
*Not sure what the optimum chain/sequence would be. Thinking of just going straight 1-8 and putting wireless, volume, tuner in front of the input--unless there's a better way for those three.
*For the timeline, I would love to take advantage of the MIDI function to assign specific types of delays to a few of the presets if possible. Not sure if I need to add control switcher for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: New set up for analog pedals and PC-8 Plus

Post by Marlboro05 » Mon Aug 30, 2021 4:54 am

Hi there,
Some nice gear there, should get some good tones out of your setup.
I’d set it up as follows:
Wireless-> Polytune-> Morley (I’d only put it here if you use as a wah & volume pedal)-> PX8+ In-> PX8+ SND Loop 1-> Mesa Flux Five In-> Mesa Out-> PX8+ RTN Loop 1-> PX8+ SND Loop 2-> Fender Pugilist In-> Pugilist Out-> PX8+ RTN Loop 2-> PX8+ Insert SND-> Mesa MkV 25 Guitar In-> Mesa Effects Send-> Wah/Volume (pedal here if not used as a wah)-> PX8+ Insert RTN-> PX8+ SND Loop 7-> Strymon Timeline In-> Timeline Out-> PX8+ TRN Loop7-> PX8+ SND Loop 8-> Julia Chorus/Vibrato In-> Julia Out-> PX8+ RTN Loop 8-> PX8+ Output-> Mesa Effects Return.

The Effects Loop is the best place for the best drive tone at lower volumes. If used before the amp input or pedals, it is the same as turning the volume down on your guitar. The amp or pedal sees a weak signal so not a very strong drive tone. Give you pedal a go in front or in the loop and you’ll see what I mean.

Well hopefully this is what you were after, enjoy.
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