Voodoo Hex and Commander

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Voodoo Hex and Commander

Post by swish619 » Fri Apr 30, 2021 2:07 am

Hi there, I am very new to this as I have used multi effects pedals in the past and am attempting to set up a board for my individual pedals. I have used individual pedals many times before but have always put them in a chain at the front end. This never bothered me because I was happier using dirt pedals than the distortion from my amp (Blackstar). This has changed as I have a new Marshall amp on order and will definitely want to use the amp's gain/distortion. So the issue now is that I want my delay, chorus and reverb after the amp distortion OR the pedal distortion, so the idea is to use the effects loop on the amp and run the effects loop through the isolated loop on the hex (loop 1). In my mind this will then allow me to use the distortion/gain/overdrive from pedals at the front end OR the amp's distortion/gain/overdrive. Either way I can still engage the effects loop for reverb etc...whichever distortion method I choose and all should be controllable through the commander (including amp channel selection). Does this sound like a workable plan to those of you with experience?

Not sure if this is at all necessary but my signal chain is basically this:

Guitar>tuner>Volume>Wah>Hex loop2(boost/compression)>Hex loop3(overdrive)>Hex loop4(dirt)>Hex loop5(empty)>Amp>Amp Effects loop>Isolated Hex loop 1(chorus, reverb, delay)>Awesome sound (hopefully)

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Re: Voodoo Hex and Commander

Post by Marlboro05 » Mon Jul 05, 2021 4:19 pm

Hi there,
It will work fine how you have it, only thing I’d change is where you have the volume pedal, they work better, for distortion anyway, in the first effects loop before those effects. If you use it before the distortion or gain stages of the amp, it lowers the amount of guitar signal going to them which makes them sound weak. If you do it in the loop, it lowers the driven signal. Give each a go though, you might be after the lower volume to the effects and pedals.
As for controlling your amp channels, that depends on what amp you are getting and what can be done?

Hope this helps you out, any more help needed, just ask
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