New Analog Chorus Model In Future

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New Analog Chorus Model In Future

Post by bluestormz » Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:09 pm

With the great analog chorus being discontinued, why not make a new pedal that's either your own design or go after the CE-2? Love these pedals!

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Re: New Analog Chorus Model In Future

Post by JohnClark » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:27 pm

It's the underlying technology that forced this. At the heart of an Analog Chorus (and many analog delays) was a chip commonly called a Bucket Brigade, so named in reference to a method of putting out fires.
At is very basic description a Bucket Brigade chip is effectively a large number of capacitors in series. When the first capacitor is "full" it dumps into the next capacitor in line, that one fills and dumps to the next one... all the way thru to the last capacitor. This creates a sort of built in delay as it takes time to go thru each one in the series and in these chips there may be 250 or 1000 (or more) capacitors to go thru.
This sort of chip was once a lot more common thru all sort of electronics. But these days, guitar effects could possibly be the last remaining industry that would even want them. For us in the guitar world the problems inherent to these chips are what makes them work so great for our application. For instance, the degradation across so many steps sounded fairly close to what a tape delay would do thru each record and playback step as the tape itself was wearing away. But for most anything else their inherent problems are exactly that, problems, and they needed to be resolved. I am sure that a chip manufacturer like Panasonic sees the usage of our entire industry as accounting for less than what they allow to accidentally drop on the floor annually ;)

Anyway, a new Voodoo Lab Chorus could happen some day... I don't know what it will have inside the box, but a guy could dream!
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