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Px8+, 2 amps and pedals

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:26 am
by tonyamante
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I recently acquired a Px8+ which I'm really happy with. The pedals I have are the following:

TC polytune3
RMC wah
FUlltone Octafuzz
Xotic Rc Booster V2
Xotic BB preamp MB
Moog Ring Modulator
Strymon Mobius
DLS Echotap Delay
TC Hall Of Fame 2
Korg Volume Pedal

All powered by a pedal power 2 plus except the Mobius with its own p.s., then plugged into a '78 MArshall JMP and/or a '78 Vox AC30 in the front end, no fx loop or mods of any kind.

I'd like to get the best out of my rig so I need advices on how to wire e.g. wah, if before the px8, and infos about the possibility of playing in stereo or with a wet dry rig adding another amp.
Thanks in advance

Re: Px8+, 2 amps and pedals

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 10:34 pm
by tonyamante
I'd like to bump this post, as I haven't found any convincing replies yet.
I'm definitely into wet dry, as I prefer the focus on the dry amp with all the wet into another (including modulations), either being a vox ac30 or a fender pro reverb.
I'm thinking of going out from the px8 insert out to the dry amp, then take a line out from it and return back to the insert return and send the px8 out to the wet amp, is this correct?
To prevent phase problems, the DLS echotap inverts the phase so it should be always on, and I have a ground loop killer to prevent 50hz hum...