GCP+GCX with Midi Solutions

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GCP+GCX with Midi Solutions

Post by sheldonheardmusic » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:11 pm

Hey guys, Have a question I was hoping someone could help with.
I Currently have a rack set up using the CGX and controlling it all with a GCP. I've been looking to add an Eventide H9 to my board and would like to control it via midi through the GCP. To do so I was thinking of using Midi Solutions Quadra Thru to split the midi signal at the board so I could tee off to the H9 and also send another to the GCX. I'm powering the GCP thru the GCX and noticed in the manual also on the GCX it says only to plug in the GCP into the pedal input. Will adding a Quadra Thru in the mix cause any issues?

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Re: GCP+GCX with Midi Solutions

Post by JohnClark » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:45 pm

If you will no longer be directly connecting the Ground Control Pro MIDI Out to the GCX Pedal In, you will not have Phantom Power without either making an interface box or other custom solution to modify the Thru to pass the power to the Ground Control Pro.

It wouldn't be too difficult to modify a Thru to pass the Phantom Power, assuming pins 1 and 3 are not used for any other purpose in the Thru of your choice. A couple pieces of wire soldered between the MIDI In, and whichever MIDI Out will feed the GCX will complete the path for the Phantom Power.

Alternatively, you could just run a second MIDI Cable back out to the board from the GCX MIDI Out to feed the H9... it isn't as elegant I suppose, but it's far less expensive that a MIDI Thru and some custom work.

Alternatively #2, since I presume with the addition of the H9 out on the floor there will already be power on the board, you could just skip the Phantom Power completely and directly power the Ground Control Pro using its included power adapter.
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