Ramping up voltage on Pedal Power 2 +, issues with EHX 9

General discussion and tech talk about the industry standard Pedal Power line of power supplies.
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Ramping up voltage on Pedal Power 2 +, issues with EHX 9

Post by tragicmagic » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:55 pm

Does the Pedal Power 2 plus slowly ramp up voltage on outputs when you first plug in the AC power cord? Is there a way to speed this up, maybe even have it exactly at 9V from the very beginning?

I have in issue with My electro-harmonix Synth 9, where the pedal doesn't properly activate because for some reason it doesn't see 9V upon initial power up of the Pedal Power 2+. I'd have to unplug and replug the DC jack after the Pedal Power 2+ is already on... not a great solution long term.

This pedal requires 9 Volt and draws less than 200ma, so it's within the specs for output 5/6, which is what I connect it to, with the dip switches set to normal. From what I hear, the other EHX 9 series (B9, C9, Key9), as well as other digital pedals have this same issue with pedal power 2+

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Re: Ramping up voltage on Pedal Power 2 +, issues with EHX 9

Post by JohnClark » Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:38 am

We have heard of a small number of users having problems with these pedals but have so far been unsuccessful in re-creating the problem here to find what is really happening.

A Pedal Power does not have a "ramp-up' to speak of... The only limit to achieving full voltage would be a large current load at startup. My suspicion would be that the pedals have a rather large startup current spike that is well outside the 100mA current spec. You could try using a Current Doubler Adapter (the one with the Green end) which we have heard seems to work.

What are the other pedals you are running from your Pedal Power?

Also, want to send me your "9" pedal and the power supply that came with it as well as your Pedal Power?

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