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need power advice

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:58 am
Sup, new here

I need advice on a powere supply

i have a pedaltrain pro classic and i need power for the following pedels:

Eventide pitchfactor
Digitech jamman stereo
ehx freeze
Dunlop crybaby
Wampler leviathan fuzz

can any advice?

Re: need power advice

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:02 am
by JohnClark
The Jam Man Stereo likely requires too much current or requires AC power anyway so it will likely need to be powered using its supplied power adapter. Do you know exactly which model you have or can you tell us the model number of the power supply that came with it?

A Pedal Power Digital would handle the rest of your pedals, with each pedal connected to any of the 9V Outputs.

A Pedal Train Pro is quite large... will you be adding pedals to this? If so then maybe a Pedal Power Mondo would be better for the extra outputs as well as having the Courtesy Outlet to power the Jam Man power adapter.

I hope that helps!

Re: need power advice

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:21 am
Thx for reply

the powersupply for the jamman stereo says
Output 9v 1.3a
Input 100-240 v 50/60 hz

Re: need power advice

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:28 am
by JohnClark
I know of two versions of the "JamMan Stereo". One requires 9VAC, the other requires 9VDC. But, in either case, the current draw is quite high so this will need to be plugged into the Courtesy Outlet. I was fishing for the actual part number to determine if you possibly had something I didn't yet know of, but I suppose the output specs tell me what I needed to know in this case.

Good Luck!