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Pedal Power Digital Help

Post by ErnestLoy » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:13 am

Hi!, i recent received a Voodoo Lab Digital Pedal Power as a gift from my friends. However, i had 6 pedals, yesterday i mounted it onto my pedalboard and i tried using a 5 slot daisy chain to power my 5 pedals.
My pedals are.
Korg Tuner>Boss BD-2> MXR Super Badass Distortion> MXR Analog Chorus> Seymour Duncan VaporTrail> Strymon Bluesky

The strymon is connected directly to the pedal power and it works when i connect it directly to the pedal power. The other 5 doesn't work when i use a daisy chain.

Could i have messed up with the daisy chain? The daisy chain is working when i tried it separately from the pedal power.

Would love to get it working asap :(

Thanks guys

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Re: Pedal Power Digital Help

Post by JohnClark » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:49 am

No good reason I can see that those five pedals wouldn't work on a daisy chain... none of the pedals (other than the BlueSky of course) have a large current demand.

This daisy chain you have, what is it intended to work with?

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