Earthquaker Avalanche Run and Eventide H9

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Earthquaker Avalanche Run and Eventide H9

Post by heykenny » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:55 am

Searched all over and can't find an answer to this: has anyone successfully powered an Avalanche Run with a VL supply? The specs say it has a 425ma draw.

Will one of the 400ma outs on a 4x4 work? Or should I use a current doubler to combine one of the 400ma and one of the 100ma outs?
I'm also trying to power an H9 which requires 500ma (also center positive 2.5mm). If I did the same thing with that I'd use up half my outs just with those two pedals which would leave me short for the rest of my board.

Do I need to look at a Mondo?
Any other options that would just involve using one output for each?
Or maybe the easiest thing is a small power strip and use the AC jack for these two pedals...

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Re: Earthquaker Avalanche Run and Eventide H9

Post by JohnClark » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:49 am

I just measured an Avalanche Run to be certain, and I have previously measured an H9 with the Max update. Each of these will be perfectly fine to power from a single 400mA output. They each actually draw less than 400mA.

I hope that helps!

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