Which pedal power for Lexicon JamMan, ART X-12

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Which pedal power for Lexicon JamMan, ART X-12

Post by skippertronic » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:28 am

It would be great to get rid of the wall wart on the Lexicon JamMan (rack). The adapter says 1A, but I would be surprised if it used that much power, but maybe it does.
Connecting the JamMan to a 300mA input on the ISO resulted in a bright solid red input light, so apparently it was overloaded. Any ideas?
The ART X12 midi controller is working with the 100mA input on the ISO so that's one less wall wart. I would very much like to know, however, if this is ideal or would hurt the pedal.
Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Which pedal power for Lexicon JamMan, ART X-12

Post by JohnClark » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:21 am

The JamMan you have accepts AC power only and cannot be powered from the DC outputs on the ISO-5. This will have to continue t use its original power supply.

The X-12... Personally, I'd use the High Current output for this one. It accepts 9-24VDC but I suspect that it might want more than 100mA. You can use the 12V output for this, and probably still have the adjacent 9V output to use for something else that is known to have a low current draw.

I hope that helps!

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