Need help understanding the 4X4 PS

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Need help understanding the 4X4 PS

Post by thinkyoung » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:05 pm

Just need a bit of help understanding the 4X4 I'm not up on voltages etc. Thank you!
I bought a 4X4 and was told that the 12 volt outputs would self regulate down to 9v if that was the requirement of the pedal. Upon reading the manual that came with it, says to NOT plug a Strymon timeline(9v 300 mA) into a 12v output so I am wondering whats up. Can I plug a pedal that requires 9 volts into one of the 12 volt outputs? Is there something specific about the Timeline or did I get bad information from Sweetwater. Also, the manual says "It is preferred" to only use one of the pair in the 9v/12v pairs because they are not isolated. But in the description for the 4X4 its claims the power supply is completely isolated, does that mean the there would only be 6 outputs for this to be true? Will using all 8 outs be noisier possibly? One last question, if I wanted to power a 9th pedal can I send a Y power cord to two pedals, does that change the voltage or is it ok to do? Thanks for you help!

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Re: Need help understanding the 4X4 PS

Post by JohnClark » Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:31 am

Only pedals that accept 12V should be used with the 12V outputs. The voltage will always be as stated for each output, but the current is what someone was likely trying to explain. The rated current for each output is the maximum current the output is capable of providing. A pedal, or any electronic device, will only draw from the available current what it needs to operate. So it is perfectly safe to connect a pedal with a low current demand to an output with a high current capability.
The 4x4 has eight isolated sections. From Left to right they are as follows...
1. 9V or 12V / 400mA
2. 9V or 12V / 400mA
3. 9V / 100mA
4. 9V / 100mA
5. 9V / 100mA
6. 9V / 100mA
7. 9V / 400mA
8. 9V / 400mA

The 9/12 outputs on the first section do share a ground, and the 9/12 outputs on the second section share their own ground. Generally, you will only use one of the jacks on either of these sections. but some setups can use both jacks if the total current draw for the two pedals is 400mA or less AND the pedal connected to the 12V jack is in fact intended to accept 12V.

Your TimeLine can be powered from any of the four available 9V/400mA Outputs.

The Output Splitter Adapter can be used to power two pedals from one jack if the pedals both accept the same voltage as the output used and their combined current draw is equal to, or less than, the rated current limit for the output used.

Any time you combine pedals from one jack, or use both of the "shared ground" jacks, there is the possibility of unwanted noise. You will have to connect the pedals in order to find if they will play nice with eachother.

I hope that helps!

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